~ Biodynamic Oil ~
The oils come from BIODYNAMIC and ecological agricultural crops, which restricts the use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

On our farm in Hellín, we have a small mill in which we cold-press our dried fruits (almonds and walnuts).

As results of a research project together with the University of Castilla La Mancha and the Castilla-La Mancha
Community Board for the "Optimization of the process of extracting the oil contained inside the nuts
and use of the by-products generated", we have obtained some almond and walnut oils
exquisite for gastronomy and highly sought after by organic cosmetic companies.


It is obtained from nuts deprived of their shell, which are collected and left to dry for a few days, then cold-pressed in a similar way to olives.

Obtained by cold pressing from natural walnuts, to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh walnut. It is an oil rich in linolenic acid (omega 3), which makes it a healthy source of fat and an ally in the fight against cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Walnut oil provides Mediterranean flavors to salads and sauces, being an ideal condiment for fresh consumption accompanying vegetable, meat or fish dishes.

Pale yellow oil, with an intense smell of fresh walnuts, very fine and elegant, combined in the mouth with a silky taste of fresh walnuts with pleasant sweet touches.


Although almond oil is probably best known for its cosmetic properties, its nutritional qualities also make it an excellent seasoning due to its fatty acid content.

The light roasting to which the almonds have been subjected provides the oil with sensory characteristics that make it an elegant accompaniment to a great many dishes.

Light yellow oil, with the smell and flavor of toasted almonds, also showing a very evident sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste.

Among its properties, it stands out that it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce cholesterol, as well as that it reinforces the development of some brain functions, such as cognitive ones.


Virgin olive oil is widely known for its beneficial effects on health and the unmistakable flavor that makes it an essential ingredient in any Mediterranean diet.

It is obtained by mechanical methods at low temperature and from selected olive trees, it is a great essential ingredient in any healthy diet as it is a source of healthy and nutritious fats.

Yellow-green oil with an intense smell of green grass with bitter and spicy touches on the palate.


Virgin sunflower oil is produced only by mechanical processes, without the use of organic solvents, to preserve its nutritional values ​​and organoleptic characteristics that are reminiscent of fresh sunflower seeds.

Technically it is a set of unsaturated, heart-healthy fats (it has moderate amounts of oleic acid compared to olive oil), and an abundant source of vitamin E, it is also considered a powerful antioxidant.

Oil with an intense yellow color, with the smell and flavor of raw sunflower seeds, very expressive and with a markedly sweet and final touch.


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