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Almonds and walnuts are stored in a cool, dry place. We have a 300 m2 cold room in which we maintain a temperature (6 and 8ºC) with a relative humidity of 45% and 55% in accordance with strict storage rules that keep the product in perfect condition, until it is sent to any part of Europe and the world for its different applications.

The laminated material, for food plastic packaging bags, consists of 2 layers. A healthy thermo exterior, and a food interior with an impeccable barrier that prevents both the entry of oxygen and the exit of nitrogen with which it is packed.

The films used are subject to global migration tests and do not exceed the specific migration limits and the inks used are formulated in accordance with the updated CEPE/EuPIA guidelines, which excludes the use of carcinogenic and toxic substances. The use of certain dyes, solvents and plastics is also excluded.


Oil storage:

Once classified in its corresponding tanks, the oil is left to decant naturally for about 15 days, after which we will filter all the oil, so that in this way we avoid the purging of deposits, which is not perfect and avoids, thus that, the possible humidity and impurities decanted can have a negative effect on its evolution during the rest of the year.

It is immediately racked and stored in tanks in the absence of air (oxygen and CO2 that deteriorate or make the oil rancid), under a controlled temperature in the same cellar between 6º and 8º, ready for direct packaging, so that in this way, they remain unaltered. throughout the year, its chemical and, above all, organoleptic qualities.


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